About Me

Everett Wolfe, Registered Massage Therapist

Certified Massage Therapy Degree-Dec.2002                          Intra-Oral/Cervical Neuromuscular Tech.-Dec.2012

License(#1469) and Insured(AMBP Insurance)

 The perception of pain and results can vary throughout all walks of life. The degree of trauma and stress varies with each individual on many levels which depend on multiple factors that project themselves via the body.  I thrive to advocate the body, mind and spirit to a level of functionality that encourages healing and the development of life-giving and life-sustaining energy. Each client experiences a meticulous assessment of ailments with a treatment designed to promote awareness, self-healing and resolution.



I utilize techniques of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular Techniques, Relaxation,  Structural Integration, Muscle Testing, BioElectronics, Passive Bio Physical Devices, Shiatsu Accupressure, and Myofascial Release. I am also Certified in Intra-Oral/Cervical Neuromuscular Techniques used for TMJ Dysfunctions and various types of headaches and Cervical related trauma.

My Goal

Everyone perceives pain and results differently, therefore not all treatments are the same.  Each treatment is designed to promote awareness of the effects of daily stress on the body so that a better avenue my be taken.  Although stress may not always come in the form of pain, the physical, mental and emotional aspect of stress projects itself upon the body and vise versa. To bring the body, mind and spirit to a more coherent state of existence not only allows progression for oneself, but everyone else as well.  As the ocean is filled with water, so rises the level of everything else.





$70.00 for one hour massage
$100.00 for one and a half hour massage


7220 West Jefferson Avenue
Suite 218
Lakewood, CO 80235

By Appointment Only
Monday thru Friday Evenings 
Saturday   9 AM till 6 PM